Disaster Recovery Navigation


Disaster Recovery Navigation

Have you been impacted by wildfires in Oregon? We’ll help you with a roadmap to recovery: where to go, what to do, guiding through the process; what the timelines are, and provide support along the way, wherever you are.

DevNW offers Disaster Recovery Navigation for those who have been effected by the recent wildfires. We are offering support in the following ways:

  • Helping clients identify and access documents they need for recovery applications and claims
  • Navigating insurance claims
  • Knowing your rights associated with insurance
  • Navigating FEMA application and appeals
  • Navigating SBA loans
  • Navigating other state and local financial resources
  • Navigating records recovery including, ID, Vehicle Title, Social Security Card, Vital Records
  • Helping clients understand the cleanup process and evaluate rebuild options
  • Navigating other community resources

Step 1: Fill out our questionnaire here.

Step 2: Call and schedule an appointment with a DevNW Disaster Relief Specialist.

Questions? Call Micole Olivas-Leyva at 541-345-7106 x2055 or email her at .

Funding for the WRRA Program generously provided by Lane County and OHCS