Health Navigation & Resident Services


Health Navigation & Resident Services

We designed our Community Health Worker & Resident Services program to help residents of DevNW housing meet a variety of needs by helping to establish health goals, maintain stable housing, and participate in community activities. We can provide referrals to health care providers and local social services, help set achievable wellness and financial goals, and support the creation of community activities and events based on residents’ interests. If you are a tenant of a DevNW property, you are invited and encouraged to connect with us when you want to engage in your neighborhood or need help or guidance.

Information and Referrals

When you move into a DevNW property, we will provide you with a welcome and orientation packet that highlights ways to get involved with your community and enjoy your new home.

If you’re having financial or housing difficulties, we can direct you to community service organizations that provide financial assistance. In addition, we offer Financial Foundations workshops that will help you gain knowledge and confidence with money-related matters such as budgeting, saving, and credit. We can connect you with organizations to help you with:

  • Housing and rent assistance
  • Food and household items
  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Health navigation

Goal Setting

Everyone has a different definition of success. Whether your goals include improving your health or financial situation, helping your child succeed in school, or becoming a volunteer, we can help you reach them.

Community Building/Leadership Development

We want our residents to feel like contributing members of our community. We can help you:

  • Start an official tenant organization.
  • Address a problem in the community.
  • Offer activities and events at your property.
  • Meet other resident or community needs.

On-Site Programming

DevNW hosts a variety of on-site activities throughout the year at our properties; from social events to healthy living events. Activities are geared towards residents of all ages. Family movie nights are held at our properties as well as giveaways of health supplies like toothbrushes and toothpaste. For information on upcoming programs, contact Arianna Pennington at tel: 541.345.7106 x2037 or .

Health Navigation & Resident Services are completely voluntary. Tenant privacy and confidentiality are important to us. When we collect information to assist you, we keep the information secure. We are required to provide certain information to regulatory bodies and funders. Such reports allow us to continue providing services to you.