Homebuying Foundations


Homebuying Foundations

Are you ready to buy a home? How much can you realistically afford? Buying a home may be the largest transaction you ever make. Learn the ins and outs of the homebuying process and leave with actionable tools to navigate your journey with confidence and save a lot of money along the way.

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Map your path to homeownership.

In this fast-paced, industry expert-led class, you will learn:

Financial Preparation — What can you do today that will help you save on your mortgage tomorrow? Learn which steps to implement today in preparation for the biggest asset purchase of your life.

Mortgages — How can you get a low interest rate? What should you look for when you’re comparing loans? Learn the ins and outs of different loan products and how student loans affect your mortgage readiness.

Real Estate — How do you prioritize when you’re limited by affordability? From shopping and negotiating to contingencies and industry lingo, learn everything you need to know about real estate.

Home Inspections — Never judge a book by its cover, right? Learn the nitty-gritty about what to be wary of when buying a new home. Be ready to ask the important questions when you meet with your home inspector.

Closing — What fees and expenses can you expect to pay at the closing table in addition to your down payment? From the time you’re under contract to the day you receive your keys, there are many moving pieces that need to fall into place. Know the closing process before you dive in.

Protection — What does home insurance actually protect? What is covered, what is not? Learn about protecting your home and your assets and how to review your policy for additional savings.

Homebuying Foundations meets the homebuying education requirement for Individual Development Accounts (matched savings) and for many down payment assistance, closing cost assistance, and loan programs, after you’ve met one-on-one with a homeownership counselor.

DevNW is a NeighborWorks® HomeOwnership Center and meets NISHEC standards. With no financial interest in your real estate transaction, we can provide you un-biased and consumer-oriented counsel and resources as you begin your journey to homeownership.